The 10 Best Piano Lessons Online

With so many benefits to learning to play the piano and with so many great piano lessons available at your finger tips, now is the perfect time to learn to play piano or to take your piano playing skills to the next level.

We’ve put together a list of the 10 Best Piano Lessons Online and it covers piano lessons for beginners through to intermediate piano lessons and piano classes for advanced students, all with some remarkable piano teachers and some remarkable piano learning technology.

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Start now by selecting one of these great courses, begin your new piano journey now!  You deserve it.  Do it now before you even leave this page.

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Meta Review 22K+

This best-selling course is a very thorough and diversified course that extends for more than 60 hours of lessons, downloadable resources, articles, on-demand video, and more.

It is intended for completed beginners but extends to an intermediate level in just weeks, even covering how to read sheet music with a play-by-ear approach.

This course has been praised for the attention to detail and the number of music genres that are covered.

Therefore, if you want an all-round excellent piano course that keeps songs and musicality a priority, and offers a new system that make courses incredibly easy to follow and absorb rapidly, you can join the over 200,000 students and get to playing.

Cost $40 full lifetime access. Sample video available.

You can also get a less expensive version that doesn’t have all the resources by clicking here.

Click here to get access to Pianoforall


Meta Review 250+

This course is currently the highest rated piano lessons program on Udemy. It’s intended for beginners.

Students won’t need to know music notation for this course. It is focused on understanding and learning progressively how chords are formed so they are easier to memorize.

It presents the students with a colorful key display with the name of the notes. It includes on-demand video, articles, downloads, mobile and TV lifetime access and certificate on completion.

Therefore, if you’re a beginner looking to gain an understanding of this marvelous instrument, this is the course for you.

Cost $ 10.99 Full lifetime access. No free trial available.

Get access to The Ultimate Piano Chords


Meta Review 400K+

Simply Piano is a convenient app available in Google Play and the Apple App Store in which you can use the internal microphone of your device or connect an electric piano to it via USB.

Then you just have to put your device on top of your piano’s music rack and follow the instructions.

It costs less than $120 a year and it offers both courses and songs. A very popular course with a very in-your-face approach.

Cost $ 14.90 a month. Free trial available.

Get access to Simply Piano


Meta Review 19K+

Flowkey has found renowned teachers for these lessons, from classical pianists to popular YouTube instructors.

It’s a multilevel platform, which means you can browse songs to learn by their level of difficulty. Additionally, there’s the option of practicing right and left hands separately, changing the speed, and replaying sections until you feel you finally learn it.

You can use the free trial to take a tour in the platform and start playing just if you feel you connect with the course.

Therefore, if you want a well-organized course with multiple expert teachers on a platform so user-friendly and convenient you’ll want to dive in to practice, this is the course of you.

Cost $19 a month. Limited free trial available.

Get access to flowkey.

5. The Hoffman Academy


Meta Review 300+

Joseph Hoffman has created his own website with a unified course aimed mainly toward children.

Adults can also learn using this method, but its approach is clearly for children as it includes child-friendly games, songs, and stories. Its resources include video, audio CDs, sheet music and parental guides.

So, this program is a perfect option for those parents who want their children to have fun with music and learn early-on from home.  (though there’s fun to be had in many of the courses listed here like Piano for All and flowkey).

Cost $18 a month. Basic free trial available.

Get access to The Hoffman Academy

 6. Learn Piano in 30 Days


Meta Review 30+

This program is designed to help you play full songs in a matter of weeks.  These piano lessons are geared toward the beginner who just wants to learn to play a few songs.

It’s a little older in design and needs some software updates, but the course itself holds up.

There is an option for a 30-day program that will guide you through the basics and there is another one you can enrol later that will take you to intermediate level.

It will teach you more and more complicated songs while you progress and it assures you playing by ear after you finish the advanced program.

Cost $27 per 14 Days. $1 Trial available.

Get access to Learn Piano in 30 Days

7. Rocket Piano


Meta Review 10+

Rocket Piano is a structured, step-by-step piano course designed to make learning to play the piano a fun experience.

The course is robust and, in addition to the video lessons, includes supporting material like audio files, pictures, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions. 

It’s structured so that students of all levels can access the materials best suited to them.

Rocket Piano offers a large variety of materials for fully developed piano skills, covers a wide range of genres and methods, and is designed to have you playing songs both by sight-reading and playing by ear. 

So, if you want to learn how to play with a band, write, improvise, and read for the piano, this course has the materials.

Cost $39.95 one-time fee.  Free beginners lesson available.

Get access to Rocket Piano


Meta Review 600+ for ArtistWorks Overall

Christie Peery-Skousen studied a pupil of Dmitri Boshkirov at the Gnessin School of Music in Moscow. She is an international symphony orchestra performer and a winner of many national and international competitions since she was a teenager.

Additionally, she is a founder and Master Teacher at the Peery Piano Academy and has written the Peery Piano Habits.

Her approach has conservatory level teaching, focusing on developing good habits.

Therefore, if you want to develop professional technique in the time-tested conservatory style, this is a great course for you.

A note about the rating: Christie Peery is rated very highly and is recognized as an excellent instructor. The main criticism is with the platform and it’s auto-renew functions. We recommend not using auto-renew.

Cost $105 3 month plan. No free trial available.

Get access to Classical Piano


Meta Review 600+ for ArtistWorks Overall

Hugh Sung’s background includes playing at the Philadelphia Orchestra and performing at renowned venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Weill Hall. He shares his expertise in hundreds of piano lessons aimed at students of all levels and playing styles.

Sung shines in the standard ArtistWorks Video Exchange Learning® platform, where students submit a video to the teacher via the expanding Video Exchange library.

Also, the videos are reviewed by the teacher, who then submits a personalized video that all students can watch.

Therefore, if you want a great course for a deep dive into piano and great technique, this is the program for you.

A note about the rating: Hung Sung is considered an excellent teacher. The main criticism is with the platform and it’s auto-renew functions. We recommend not using auto-renew.

Cost $105 for a 3 month plan. No free trial available.

Get access to Popular Piano

Tanya is one of the most popular music teachers in LessonFace, a platform for live online classes. She is a student favorite and teaches piano among other instruments.

She has worked in different music education backgrounds and has booked more than 1300 lessons on the platform. Her teaching style is focused on music literacy and she has expressed her willingness to teach anyone who wants to learn how to read music.

Though there isn’t enough data to generate a meta review, we wanted to include this excellent program for those who want the experience of having a music teacher.

Cost $30 per 30 min class.

Get access to Tanya Svec at LessonFace

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