The 3 Best Bass Guitar Lessons Online

Full disclosure, I myself have created the online music courses The Professional Bass Masterclass and a music theory and foundations course called The Elements of Music.

I believe The Professional Bass Masterclass is a top course full of great content applying multiple learning methods.  I have not ranked it against these top four excellent bass courses, as they are ranked only in relation to each other and to other online bass courses.

So here is our list of the best bass lessons in full course or program form that are available online.



This top course offers over 125 HD video lessons, includes guided practice, play-along, and write-your-own bass line modules.  It comes with a leading e-book of fretboard diagrams to accelerate learning, and has thousands of happy students.

For beginners through to advanced players who want to fill in gaps and become fully-formed bassists.

You can watch the course trailer and three free lessons here. 

Access video lessons, access to tab, standard notation charts, and practice jam tracks with 15 pros teaching beginner through advanced lessons in a wide variety of styles.

In addition to great bass lessons, you can also get banjo, ukelele, mandolin, dobro, and harmonica lessons here.

You can get your free 30-day all-access trial now.

2. ArtistWorks

Unlimited Access to great bass lessons as well as lessons from cello to flute to piano and more.  Students can submit video lessons for feedback.

Expert bass teachers showcased here including Nathan East!  Enough said.

You can get your free sample lessons now.


3. Fender Play

Fender Play offers the highest quality video production out there in these bass lessons making them superbly easy to follow and learn from.

As an added bonus, you can learn songs and track your progress.

Excellent for beginners.

You can get your free 14-day trial here.


Honourable Mention –  Walking Bass a Quickstart Guide

This compact course focuses on the fundamental skill of walking bass and gets students up and playing in one hour of lessons.

A great fundamentals course.

You can watch the preview and preview a few free lessons here.


Thanks for reading.  We hope this list helps you find a path to further developing your musical potential and advancing your skills in the way you want to!

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