The 10 Best Guitar Lessons Online

Deciding to learn to play guitar is an excellent decision.  There are many benefits in learning to play a musical instrument. 

When looking for the best guitar lessons, whether it’s guitar lessons for beginners or an advanced guitar tutorial, there are some excellent options out there. 

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Well we’ve done that research and here we present a wide range of guitar lessons covering all levels of guitar players. 

This list of the 10 Best Guitar Lessons Online has you covered.  It’s up to you to dive in right now.  Don’t you deserve it?  Learn to play guitar now, like never before. 

Decide.  Commit.  Succeed.

1. Guitar Tricks


Meta Review 400+ (Includes Trustpilot)

Guitartricks has been deemed by many to be the best way to learn guitar online. It features over 11,000 guitar lessons a vast song library and a “guitar toolkit” with useful resources (it includes a metronome, fretboard trainer, chord finder and many more). 

With multiple instructors guiding you through a step-by-step program you learn songs and you can study styles of your choosing including rock, classical, acoustic, blues. country, funk, jazz, bluegrass, rockabilly, soul, metal, surf, and world music.  An impressive array.

It has been praised for its Core Learning System™ that guides you from guitar fundamentals to guitar music genres and styles.

The lessons are customizable according to your learning preferences and musical taste.

These lessons are suitable for all levels from the absolute beginner learning guitar to the advanced guitar player looking to improve technique.

If you want to have access to a great program where you can explore songs and styles in a wide variety of genres, this is for you.

Price $20 a month. Free trial available.

Check out Guitar Tricks.

2. Truefire – Pat Martino’s The Nature of Guitar


Meta Review 400+ Truefire Overall

Pat Martino is considered one of the most influential guitarists in the world. With 50+ years of experience, he has been nominated for the Grammys twice, won the Jazz Legacy Award.

Pat has a notable mathematical approach to jazz music, which he has applied to jazz guitar textbooks.

In this course, aimed for late intermediate to advanced player, Pat guides you through applied theory, chord inversions and substitution, jazz scales and improvisation, among other pieces of crucial jazz theory. This course includes jam tracks, tablatures, 5+ hours of multi-angle video with slow-mo and looping features as well as progress tracking.

Price: $79 Instant download. Free video samples available at Truefire.

You can see all their courses and learning paths here.

Get started with jazz guitar today!

3. The Professional Guitar Masterclass – Udemy


Meta Review 3,800+

Another great course from Udemy, The Professional Guitar Masterclass offers students the possibility of dominating the fretboard with ease in order to find their own sound.

It also offers an understanding of music theory, the use of chords all around the guitar’s neck and intuition in the use of the required scale.

You only need a guitar, motivation and an internet connection. The course includes 7.5 hours of on-demand video, 2 hours of on-demand audio and 90+ downloadable resources.

Price $ 10,99-lifetime access. No free trial included.

Get started with The Professional Guitar Masterclass today!

4. The Complete Guitar System – Udemy Best Seller


Meta Review 15K+

Complete Guitar System is an all-in-one guitar course that features a step-by-step learning system. This guitar course for beginners and early intermediates is a best-seller on Udemy with more than 107k enrolled students.

It includes 34,5 hours of on-demand video, 150+ downloadable learning resources, lifetime access, which includes TV and devices.  Its creator, the instructor Erich Andreas has been teaching guitar for more than 30 years and has had thousands of students.

Price $14.99 Lifetime access (price does fluctuate). It does not include a free trial.

Get started with The Complete Guitar System today!

5. Jim Bruce – From Texas to the Delta Blues Guitar Lessons


Meta Review 180+

This course contains, according to Jim’s own words, his life’s work. Every Bluegrass technique gathered over 30 years of experience is here.

Jim was voted #2 Internet Guitar Instructor by Truefire. The course includes guitar tabs, 12 hours of lessons, 40 carefully produced videos with slow-motion close-ups of Jim’s hands and on-screen chord diagrams.

If you want to learn the delta blues, this is the course for you.

Price: 59$ one single payment. No Free trial available

Get started with Texas and Delta Blues today!


Meta Review 500+ (Includes Trustpilot)

JamPlay is a large guitar tutorial site that offers thousands of online video lessons.

It offers to train students of all levels, up to the super advanced, with the intermediate and advanced courses being the most praised. You just search for the lessons and teachers (each one has a review section for them). The site will then help you move through the lessons.

JamPlay offers music genre modules and famous song tutorials as well.  A great collection for guitar mastery.

Price: $19,95 a month. Free 7-day trial membership available.

Get started with JamPlay today!


Meta Review 600+ ArtistWorks Overall

On the other end of the spectrum, the classical guitar, we have another Artistworks course, this time a teacher with the 2015 Grammy winning price for Best Classical Instrumental Solo, Jason Vieaux.

Jason’s background is really impressive. He won the international competition of the Guitar Foundation of America when he was very young. An artistic ambassador of the U.S. in the Southeast, his teaching has been available at Artistworks since 2012.

With numerous international and local U.S. awards, his course includes a constantly-growing library of technique lessons, a right-and-left hand teaching approach and classical repertoire of pieces.

A note about the rating: this score is for the platform overall. This teacher is recognized for excellence in his field.

If you want to dive deep into classical guitar, we believe you’ll be very happy with this fantastic teacher.

Price $105 3-month plan. No free trial available.

Get started with classical guitar today!

8. ArtistWorks – Paul Gilbert’s Rock Guitar


Meta Review 600+ ArtistWorks Overall

Even if you are new to guitar, you may have heard of Paul Gilbert, if not, you will. 

Gilbert was featured in the Guitar Player Magazine when he was just 15, he has been nominated to a Grammy and he is on the list of “50 fastest guitar players of all time.”

He has decades of experience and has been noted for his positive energy as a teacher and the approachability of his lessons. 

A note about the rating score: it is for the platform as a whole. This teacher is recognized as an expert in his genre.

Price $105 3-month plan. No free trial available.

Get started with Paul Gilbert at ArtistWorks today!

9. Yousician


Meta Review 60+

Yousician is a mobile app that allows you to have your own guitar teacher at the tip of your fingers. It has come a long way since its introduction in 2014. It now includes more features, like Yousician Voice.

Yousician has a library of traditional and popular songs that feature all the other instruments they offer to teach on the app.

The app takes you from basic guitar concepts to advanced. It uses video lessons and training exercises, which feel progressively pretty natural.

Price: $19,99. Free premium trial available.

Get started with Yousician today!

10. FenderPlay

Not enough data for a Meta Review.

Fender play is an official online course from the famous company itself. With a slick interface, this beginner guitar course is featured in both website and app.

You have to select whether you’ll play acoustic or electric guitar and the music genres you’ll prefer. Its instructors are pretty good and its stronger point is the massive quantity of songs tutorials you will find in the library and the superb production quality of the videos.

There are also guitar-savvy articles to stimulate your interest in the instrument. You have to provide your credit card information in order to enter the free trial.

If you’re an absolute beginner looking for the easiest-to-follow guitar lessons, this is for you.

Price $9,99 a month.  14 Day free trial included.

Get started with FenderPlay today!

In Conclusion

While we’ve ranked these guitar lessons on a number of factors including quality of instruction, depth of materials, access to multiple learning tools to name a few, it’s important that you select the best for you.

There are no excuses not to learn to play guitar, to develop the skills you already have, to learn a new style (maybe one you never even thought of before) or to take your skills to the masters level.

If you want to get into a great guitar course to advance your skills to the next level, here are ten stellar options.  Don’t put it off any longer.  Enrol in one of the great guitar lessons now.  Put yourself on track before you even leave this page.  You can do it.

Thanks for reading.  We hope this list helps you find a path to further developing your musical potential and advancing your skills in the way you want to!

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